Ex This, Ex That, Ordained Minister of The GOSPEL, Married, Signed to CROSS Breed Imprints in 1997. ... Born and Raised in St. Louis, MO. ... Feat. on Jeremiah "KRy" JACKSON's debut album "My HOPE!"


Jeremy Camp, FLAME, Mercy Me, Japhia Life, New Song, Delirious?, CrossMoveMent, Thi'SL, Bruthaz Grimm, Lil Raskull, Michael W. Smith, Kirk Franklin, Relient K, Jeremiah "KRy" JACKSON, Stacie Orrico, Da T.R.U.T.H, Nethra Denise, Toby Mac, Michael Hollis, N


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I Aint Scared (3rd Single)

I Aint Scared (3rd Single)

album: Da Last Boy Scout CD. 1: SCOUT LAW

genre: Christian Rock

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b co train
05/06/09 09:02:53PM @b-co-train:
Say this b co train. Man that is bumpin'. Keep reppin Christ. I will be hittin you back with some of my things. I am new to the site. GOD bless!!