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I was born in march, 9, 1985 in a family of five in Mombasa Kenya. went to primary at a boarding school and later after hardships i was transfered to a day school named sacred heart primary.
i got born again at the age of 10, in 1995 and from then hence forth i decided to live for Christ as ma Saviour, at a young age and do his will. i got involved in singing Christmas carols and was very active in drama.
After i joined high school i got into trouble by following my peers and i got expelled from my first school after being suspended for organizing a strike which i was not even accountable for but my friends were
After being expelled i joined another school in which i started well and i was doing alcohol and staff to get thoughts out of my head because ma dad had retired from work and took us to our rural home where we had no choice but stay there.
My dad used to be violent and he would cause chaos you know what i mean. sometimes my mum would run and come back after he has relaxed, the reason as to why i quit drinking is because i dint want to be like my dad and it was just not for me.
my parents separated an later divorced now i live with my mum in Thika, a town 48 kilometers from Kenya's capital Nairobi which is only half an hour ride.
in my new school i rededicated my life back to Christ and i was singing bat the church and later after one of my best friends thought i was stealing his lyrics made me so mad i wrote my first 3 songs that day, so i realized i cud write.
am now working on marketing my album called 'THE SYNOPSIS' meaning the content of the storyline just a brief introduction to who i am and what i do


da truth, la crea, ambassador


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College Fever

College Fever

Monday December 8 2008, 1:00 AM
@ Mount Kenya University
The event of the season


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