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Giving all honor, praise, adoration, love, glory and worship to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I dedicate all to You! Anything that comes of this, to You, oh God, be the glory. Thank you all for viewing my page and listening to my music. I thank Jesus for the ability to do what I do! I'm originally from Baltimore, MD ("Dutch Vill" 1985 -1995) but currently reside in Virginia. I thank God for my lovely wife and my four children. You are reading about a truly blessed young man! I've been a Hip Hop head since I was a little shortie! I love the fact that God gave me a talent for writing lyrics, versing over beats, and creating music that I can use to bring Him glory. I hope you enjoy what you hear! I speak blessings over you all and continue to lift up our Lord and Savior, Jesus with your artistic gifts. Remember, it's all about Him and not about us! May the peace of Jesus, our God, be with you always. One!


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Mr Flave / Kingdom Enforcers

user image 2008-03-29
By: king_domE
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I got a lot on my mind and it comes out in the form of Holy Hip Hop. As you may have noticed, I have several pages on this site. I ain't tryn'a hog the spot, I just want to push out as much music as the Lord will allow. Hope those listening will share what they hear. To God be all glory and praise! Kingdom Enforcers are in the building! And when I say building, I'm talking about the body of Jesus Christ...The Church!


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