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Justified and Zealous is a fitting name for a man of this Caliber. Being born into a broken home, crippled by drugs and deception, only aided in his familys conversion to Christ, leaving nothing but praise for the Lord. He, Jamaine D. R. Herbert, having experienced the worst imaginable situations first hand, from being a foster child, to the loss of his mother to aids, now has a true reverence for the new life. He states that he has been Justified in the eyes of God and is Zealous in the eyes of God and man. If you have had the pleasure of meeting him, you know this statement is true to his core. With the true heart of a servant, he seeks fresh and innovative ways to spread the gospel. You may see him as an emcee, however there is so much more to this man of God. He has been blessed with the spirit of evangelism, passed down through his father, who single handedly led almost all of his family to Christ. Jamaine "JAZ" Herbert also has a keen eye for photography, and is a very skilled graphic artist. God has bestowed upon him the mantle of a public speaker and teacher, which was witnessed by The Harlem Tabernacle Church for the first time, in November of 2003. Since then, he has spoken around the tri state area and across the country, as his compassion for souls, leads his life as a witness to people, with out a microphone. JAZ is very critical when it comes to his flows, line patterns and over all feel of his words. Each verse spills from his mouth in a rhythmic collage of passion, Love, Faith, and Worship. His speech is courageous, but humble, with his quick word play, and witty approach to song writing, he has been acclaimed as one of the finest HHH artists to ever grace the mic. Words cannot express the impact of his ministry on others lives. Through his words and lyrics, but most of all, his life, he proves that it is possible to defy all odds while humbly giving glory to the true victor "Christ the Anointed One."


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Just Can't Take no more

Just Can't Take no more

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