Heaven Sake is a multi-talented gospel rap recording artist and songwriter from Greenville, NC. Raised in the streets, Heaven Sake has “done his time” being directly involved in shootouts, drug dealing, drug abuse, assaults, in and out of jail, high speed chases, dropping out of high school, robberies, homelessness, secular rap music, promiscuity, and the list goes on. But in the midst of it all, God transformed who was once a ‘gangsta rapper’ into a powerful, anointed rapper with an unbelievable testimony. Born Timetheus Blount, Heaven Sake is far from new to the artistry of rap. With over 17 years of experience, writing and rhyming, he writes and produces his songs and has written for others. He serves as a minister of music , an Evangelist, and a street ministry veteran in the hood, where he spends much of his time doing concerts and serving. His powerful crisp vocals, bold delivery, and sometimes controversial topics in his music has been compared to many mainstream artist. Since 2005, Heaven Sake has dropped a series of albums including Me, Myself, and God, No Love Like His, and Behold the Rapostolic, the latest debut album to date, released in 2012. Heaven Sake has performed at over 200 venues throughout the US where he’s shared the stage with the legendary John P. Kee, Zicardi Cortez, Dice Gamble, The Unknown Warriors, CJ Emulous, and Diane Barrino-Barber, the mother of national R&B female vocalist and American Idol winner, Fantasia Barrino. Heaven Sake also starred in the hit play, “They Said I Wouldn’t Make It” directed by the late David Payton who was also writer and director of the box office movie hit, “A Good Man is Hard to Find”. He was also featured on BET’s Apollo Live, and a collection of radio stations and television channels such as JCTV and KRNG Renegade radio 101.3FM. As his ministry expanded to the west coast in the Reno, NV area in 2013, avenues aligned for community outreaches, live performances, and radio exposure. This opened doors to perform at The Alive Teen Fest, Sparks NV, teaming up with other artists, collaborating with Teen Challenge, a Christian rehabilitation center for troubled teens. Heaven Sake is currently working on a new EP entitled, “The Transition”, which includes his first hit single and music video, “Ain’t Even Stressin”; the song is in now in regular rotation. playing at 5.4 times daily, according to radio owner, Dr. Bill Bauer, who also submitted the song to the Billboard Magazine. Heaven Sake will be a host on Kitty Jones show June 22, 2014 and by JCTV host, Robbie Moen . The JCTV airing of his live music video will air in the summer of 2014. Heaven Sake’s music can be found on iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify, Amazon, and a host of other online stores.



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Mass Destruction

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