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Apart from the average Christian artist, Grenade's passion, attitude, and writing skills are what make him effective. Even with self-production, listeners can't help but notice the holy content displayed on every song. Grenade's writing is a mixture of "salvation meets street" to intrigue the minds of today's society.

Born and raised in Atmore, Alabama, Grenade (Lewis Banks, Jr.) began writing at the age of ten. Growing up in a spiritual atmosphere, he started writing poetry and quickly developed a love for rap. After pushing over 7,000 mix-tape records independently within the last two years and performing at massive arenas, he has been encouraged by fans everywhere to reach a larger scale of ministry. With this in mind, Grenade has linked with Jermaine Jakes (son of Bishop T.D. Jakes) for an opportunity to do just that with a major tour outlined to begin Fall 2006 through Fall 2007. The self-produced music video (My Everything) caught the attention of Mr. Jakes, and their connection is confirmation that this minister of the gospel is serious.

With experience as youth pastor and now a traveling Evangelist, Grenade is a prophet who is concerned about changing lives. After being ordained by Apostle Ronald Burrell (Columbia, SC) in 2002, Grenade - nicknamed "Church Boy" became known for his energy, simplicity, and boldness in the pulpit as well as in the streets. He strives to uphold the name of Christ without biting his tongue or stumbling over his message. In addition to his personal ministry, another milestone was reached after performing at Mega-Fest (Atlanta, GA) in the summer of 2006, and now it is understood that Grenade is a voice that is not only in high demand, but must be heard in the music world!!!


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