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In 1991, the fellowship of old friends allowed Bradley Tomlinson (Insyte), Brendon Blair (Dasypha), and Jeffrey Jackson (Concept), to meet for the first time. There was instant chemistry, as the three young men discovered their common bond-- music. Several years later, in the summer of 1998, the trio fused their choir-boy vocals with hip hop tracks, to form the group: Fountains of Wisdom, or more simply: F.O.W. But there is nothing simple about these young men, their music, or their message. With harmonies as smooth as Take 6, and clear-cut, Biblically-inspired lyrics, F.O.W. is carving out their place in hearts as well as in music history. Keeping in line with their name, based on Proverbs 18:4, F.O.W. uses the wisdom they collect from the Word, and spits it back out-- like a Fountain-- to all who they encounteryoung and old, saved and unsaved. As young men raised on hip hop, reggae, jazz, and R&B, they pursue music, not just because it is their first love, but because they are compelled to show others the love of Christ through their music. As members of Decatur Bible Chapel (Brendon), Unity of Faith (Bradley) and Total Grace (Jeff), they are actively involved in their Youth/ Young Adult ministries. They use their music and their knowledge to fill in the gaps that traditional church worship can leave. And they are confident that through their untraditional style of praise, todays youth and young adults will be saved from falling into the snares of this world. Since the release of their first single: Christlike Girl, in October 2003, F.O.W. has ministered at churches and conferences nationwide. For over a decade, God has been building the firm foundation of this group where through much prayer the Lord has allowed Jeffrey to pursue other ministries leaving Brendon and Bradley to carry on with the ministry of FOW. And now, with their single: Christlike Girl blazing the world, and their CD: Numancipation slated for release July 2006 Fountains of Wisdom hope to reach a dying culture for Christ.
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Christlike Girl

Christlike Girl

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