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Bryan L. Oakley is the First Artist at CMG! Influences range from contemporary gospel to secular notables encompassing the Brand of Musik Entertainment from Cherubim Musik Group. CMG is an "independent major record label" which affords its artists the exploration of their full anointing in entertainment!

Bryan L. Oakley has three projects with CMG; preacha Man (2002, preacha Man ), Psalms of Solomon: You're Already Rich (2008, Psalms of Solomon ), and High Places: Chronicles of the Lion and the Lamb (2012, High Places )to complete The Trilogy. CMG continues to establish itself as a leading Christian Entertainment Company with top-tiered Artists! 


CMG...Let the earth be moved.  


Classical Christian Gospel, Urban/Jazz


Recently Rated:

OMInc. Speaks A Fresh WORD 9.1

Bryan L. Oakley delivers a monthly online sermon for the salvation and edification of God's people.


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