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I AM NOT THE AUTHOR!! All my lyrics are writin by God and delivered by me. That's what sets me apart from most others. In and of myself, I don't have the talent alone. There are those that could choose to leave the christian rap genre and use their talents in the world, but I was not given the talent to rap, but rather to hear from God as He gives me the words to say. It is because of this that I must stay rooted and grounded in the Word. I grew up in the Asbury Park area of New Jersey, aka the ghetto. Not the worst place to live, but definetly not the best. I had never considered being a rap artist, and was truthfully growing tired of rap altogether, due to its disrespect and vulgarity. It just seemed like people weren't talking about anything productive anymore. The fist time I was given a rap by God, it really surprised me. I had never considered myself a rapper, but God had a different plan in mind. I thank God, He continues to give me fire after fire. And I will remain in this ministry until God says so. My desire is to raise up a generation of soilders that wont fall victim to the enemy's lies. A generation that will be aware of who they are and whose they are. A generation that will call upon the name of Jesus, and watch demons tremble under their feet. Praise God!!


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In the Name of the Messiah

In the Name of the Messiah

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