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Verbal Contact- is a Christian Rap Duo, which ministers the word of God reaching many lost souls. Also V.C. helps many Christians who struggle with listening to circular rap music, but giving them some strong Christian music in a rap form, that praises the name of Jesus Christ. Verbal Contact has also won Holy Hip-Hop Group of the Year, for the King Cat Christian Music Awards for 2008 and 2009. V.C. has also been ministering and performing all over the U.S. at festivals, churches, community outreach events, public schools, award ceremonies, and many other places. Verbal Contact’s new CD titled “Altar Call,” is a very unique CD with many strong messages from the Bible. There are many tracks that reach many different types of modes. The main tracks being pushed are “Gotta New Friend,” a song with a strong west coast vibe. “Into My Lie,” a slow praise song with testimonies giving Jesus the praise. “Riders of Christ,” a song with a combination of rock and hip-hop reaching Christian kids like RUN DMC’s song Walk this Way. Also “Bless our Nation,” a southern style song asking God, to please watch over us in these end times.




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