About TruSaints7

The “Tru Saints” is one of the most “energetic” Gospel rap groups worldwide and they are setting a new standard for others to follow in the Gospel community. Founded by Apostle Bernard Chaney, Senior Pastor of Believers House World Wide Ministries, the “Tru Saint's” motto “WE HOLY” is not just a hit recording, but a way of living. Comprised of seven rap artists, all known for their cutting edge lyrics that tell it like it is, the “Tru Saints” gospel rap group is “Putting it down for Jesus.” Kenisha Little, aka “Virtuous”; Ewin McKay, aka “Humble”; Brian Paige, aka “Priest”; Dante Phillips, aka “Monolog”; Ollie Richardson, aka “Souljah”; Otis Singleton,
aka “Shabach”; and Malachi Williams, aka “The Messenger” have joined forces in the fight for Holiness. Their latest CD titled, “Willing to Die 4 This”, is available for purchase at our online bookstore.

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Darrell A. Jackson or call (800) 816-0150.



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