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Yo, just comin out of South Carolina. Just a young cat that loves the Lord. The name is Purpose.(ignore the other page. I made the wrong kinda account). Ima clown in person and Im always me. I dont have a horror story that led me to Christ. When I look back to that new years eve night at exactly 11:59pm, I realize that God loves me so much and its amazin. I gave my life up simply because, I was tired of runnin. I went to church, I sung on the youth choir, but I wasnt fully dedicated to livin for God. Before I was saved, I used to rap all the time. I never did a secular project tho. I was one of the sickest freestylers that was a freshman in highschool in our lil circle. Well, it wasnt so lil, cuz everybody wanted to hear what we had to

Yeah I was talented, but I was doin it for the wrong reasons. I meet a friend of mine in my 10th grade year through his music. He was a HHH artist. So me and him would talk and that night on new years eve, it happended. I changed for God. Music runs through my veins because its in my family.

My Grandfather and his brother(God bless their souls), started a group called the Rising Stars of Eastover. They were also know as the Indian Boys. My uncles and my cousins and my Grandfather and his brother were all members of this group. Me and my lil bro are the next generation of the Rising Stars. So, music is my outlet. I do it ALL FOR GOD. HE GETS ALL OF THE GLORY HONOR AND THE PRAISE. Im just 16 bout to hit 17 ina couple of months. Its a blessing, God brought me this far, and I know he wont leave me.




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Mixtape: Da Kingdom

user image 2008-12-20
By: Matthew
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Yo, whats up er'body? Its Purpose from 12Sent Records. The mixtape, Da Kingdom is about to enter its final stages. Im posting songs that are goin to be on the mixtape. When the mixtape is finished it will be available as a free download on this website on my 12Sent's(Purpose, me) page.

Thank You and God Bless,



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