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Our music is a voice for people who are lost and feels there is no hope for them. We represent those folks who are condemned by those so called christians. We don't care who you are, what ethnic group you belong to, god has a purpose and a word for you. Our inluences are of coarse, Shad-Rach and Me-Shach and Abednigo. With standing all the flames of the world and not be burned, just having a little faith in God. God has his arms around us. He moves us when things are about to change for the worst. After seeing people killed, Alcohol consumed most of my family, Drugs frying the brains of my friends, at seven and eight years old being held hostage  by a madman, and watching my father kill that man. We still come out Alcohol, Drug Free, and in our right minds, God had his hands in our lives since we were kids, now, I feel good to look back at where he delivered me from and look at where stand now. Thank you God. Amen 


The father, The son, and The holy spirit


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I've Seen (f. Calvin Barnes)

album: Godly Swagga

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