I was born with the gift to rap and write songs, yet at an early age I found myself lost in the streets, locked in a jail cell and headed straight for hell. I’ve been saved, sanctified and delivered from all harm, danger and penalty of sin, and now that the Lord is leading me I do it all for the kingdom. I’ve been redeemed! The album “Salvation” is exactly that – a message of salvation for the saved and unsaved. It provides guidance for people, especially those who have traveled down a rough and rugged path. I’m here to show there’s a better way, a better life and better choices. God has blessed me since the day I received salvation: I’m the hype man for The Gatekeeperz, a national recording gospel hip hop band. I am on the Parent Youth Counsel and a member of the Usher Board at Spencer Memorial Christian Baptist Church. In addition, to being a part of The Gatekeeperz and serving at my church, I also use my music to minister at both male and female correctional facilities throughout North Carolina; I am currently participating in a gospel hip hop tour called S.W.A.A.T (Saving Whomever At Any Time) which visits housing projects, churches and several other venues sharing the message of salvation with all. I was also blessed to start-up a small business venture in August 2008 – Salvation Street Promotions – the focus of my business is providing services such as promoting artist, utilizing a street team to promote events, graphic design for business cards, fliers, and designing layouts and printing t-shirts, the business motto is “taking it to the street”, once again aiming to promote positive events, businesses, organizations in my community. Since receiving the gift of salvation I have been on a mission to spread his gospel, and I use every opportunity to do so.





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