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Ricke (Bless) Jones, President of Voices for Christ Ministries and Voices 4 Christ Music, is a servant of Christ called by God to be a voice to the nations.

A Hip Hop artist and believer in Christ, Ricke lives with a growing understanding that life isn't about him, but that his life is important to God and he plays a part in Gods purpose and plan for life as a whole.

Currently a youth leader and member of Clinton Springs Church Of God in Cinti, Oh under the leadership and training of Pastor Malcolm I. Phillip, Ricke was born and raised in Da Nati (Cincinnati, oh). He spiritually began to LIVE for and grow in Christ, building relationships and gaining training under the leadership of Pastor Robert A. Culp at First Church Of God in Toledo, Oh. Ricke is a man whose passion for pleasing God and blessing people in their lives by reaching their souls through the love of God is felt in the soul stirring, attention grabbing music and lyrics from his debut album (The Reason) released in 2006. All Thanks, Praise, Glory and Honor goes to God.


At 16 years of age, Ricke gave his heart to Christ, but after many trials and disappointments, he found himself back out in the world doing the things that he used to (and more). After many years and encounters in the world, Ricke had an experience with God, hearing His voice. Shortly after, Ricke gave his heart back to Christ and surrendered his life to God according to the promise that God had given him. The promise is that if he will keep giving an honest effort then God will do the rest.

Just as Ricke Bless fights to live his life for real as a christian soldier spreading the word in Christ, he is a vessel to be poured out to help others and spread the Word of God. In his words, “Life is Real and so This is Real Talk with a vibe you can feel. Think about this... We're just trying to get it how we live, but depending on how we live, what we’re trying to get will eventually destroy us. So we need to CHANGE how we live to get it. Here is some help. It is The Reason.

This album is a project from God through Ricke Bless to the world, especially the youth. In the midst of the present state of the world, God still wants you to know that He loves you, wants you, has plans for your future and a purpose for your life.

Thank you for your support and God Bless you.

Check out the official website at: WWW.GEOCITIES.COM/RICKEBLESS



The Holy Spirit, Life, The Church and the world.



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