About Raishein

Raishein, gospel pop music’s new crowned Princess, is an anointed singer, songwriter, actress and recording artist. She relies on truth and writes from her own remarkable life experiences. Every musical testimony is a page torn from her diary. She composes songs that speak to the perseverance of the human spirit by transforming her wounds into a source of strength.

Raishein feels that ministry by music is one of the most powerful tools that is used today to reach a generation that is looking for fulfillment in this world. She uses her talents prophetically to reach the world with God's message of love, grace and hope in spite of trials and tribulations. She believes strongly in teaching this generation how to rid themselves of religious mind-sets and develop a serious relationship with Jesus Christ. She uses her unique voice, love for people and heart after God to inspire others to realize that in spite of your past, you can make it with Jesus.

With the completion of the adroit album titled “Believe”, Raishein has delivered an impressive, powerful, and moving debut. As the album unfolds, Raishein leads audiences deeper into her world, walking them through a place of worship through her experiences and emotions. The CD reveals that if you “Believe” in Jesus, He “can” make a way out of no way.

Get your copy of the Debut CD from Raishein, Believe on 2-10-2009!


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