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My Name is Prophetess Rebecca Hickson I have been in ministry for 16yrs Was called into the fivefold at a very young age and have been witnessing and compelling since then. For me the Greatest title that a person could have is Servant because we were created to
Worship, Serve, and Bless Our God. The Offspring of the Ministry has birthed The Group (Designed 2 Worship), which consist of 4 Members,Angela McCall, Kamlah T. Williams, Tiffany Williams and Yours Truly-Rebecca Hickson. Through God's Grace we have been singing together for 1yr as a group and individually 20yrs all growing up in church we have gone through many obstacles but instad of a setback It has been a learning experience. I always teach and train the girls to always put God first in whatever you do and there will be no limit to your blessings so we come together to give God Glory we call it the triangle effect (From God To Us we give our services to help others and then they in return Give God The Glory Because He Alone Deserve it.If it had not been a him there would  be no us. Through his redeemed blood he has allowed us and made us to become a Servants, Seers, Motivational Speakers, Songwriters,Psalmists to be Kingdom Minded through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Moving under the flow of God. Through his Holy Spirit our mission is that the will of God(Our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name(Holy is) his name that his will be done in earth (Us) as It is in Heaven) Through the unction of the Holy Spirit not only being Spirit Lead but also Spirit Controlled to work the work he has sent us to do (The Spirit of the Lord God is Upon Me For he has Anointed Me to Preach)(Isaiah 61:)(Isaiah 49:8)
God Bless
Prophetess Rebecca Hickson & Designed 2 Worship 




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