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Drums of war sound as the establishment of a new-fashioned cross-genre uplifts the weak, restores the brokenhearted and rescues the lost. The deaf hear and the blind see as People's Choice sets the stage for a new era in hip-hop. Music fans, young and old are devoured by senseless violence, drugs, greed, and sex which shower the music industry with death. It is time for a new message, a new direction, and a new choice - the People's Choice. Peoples Choice stands for empowerment, truth, and the celebration of life. This talented group consists of two extraordinary men who capture the essence of a rough world were the hardships of street life are unbearable. Yet, their thoughtful lyrics expose the flip side of a bitter environment. Those who hear the voices of the exceptional two are rewarded with kisses of guidance. On a wave of enchanting, head bopping beats senses are sizzled as People's Choice bends the rules by challenging people to think for themselves. By captivating the darkest of souls towards good, Peoples Choice engraves the airwaves with the music of the learned. With rich production that blends mid-tempo beats and intoxicating lyrics, PC is the right flavor of the future. The two emcees display their mic skills at ARC, Malikas Palace and the Warehouse. Taskmaster Gooch, confident and creative, startles the senses with his smooth tongue- the track is arouse with truth. Electrically charged 3rd Rail empowers all as he raises the lyrical voltage to break through heartened hearts. These sensational two men plant seeds of wisdom and understanding in the minds of listeners; hope is restored. Peoples Choice is the voice of the future. PEOPLES CHOICE WE BRING FORTH EMPOWERMENT, TRUTH, AND HOPE





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By: gooch144
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 Deut 4 verse 3 children of Isreal given the body of law to know how to conduct themselves.The laws separate the jews from the nations,the word separates us from those who are unbelievers. Does the book rule your life or opinion? The response given to Moses for the question who shall I say sent me? I am that I am...God is not based on the past or the future but the right here,right now.Everything you need GOD IS,you are always in the divine presence. The culture is based on history,the culture must line up with the word,Christ judges culture not history,the bible says in spite of your history you can change what you are.(ex abuse,mishap) your thoughts control your feelings.If you think you are a failure,you will feel like a failure.
Tempered,tamed=balanced,taught=is to establish a organized system of thought upon which to build your life and your work.most of thinking is subjective,transformed by renewing of your mind.God is good all da time is a foundation matter the situation.Not only is he good,but is good to me and always has my best interest in mind.every word has a season for its fulfillment.becomes the lense thru which we see life.Spiritual reasoning,come let us reason together.the filter thru which you judge circumstances.Until we change the way we think our judgement and criticism of others is impossible,mote and beam cause you can't see clearly most of our judgement is self centered.
Moses knew the ways of God,the children of isreal knew the acts of God, based on what he did for them.the person who knows what to do will always have a job,the person who knows why it is done will always be their boss.Stubborness is the core of ignorance.When change is necessary, not to change is destructive,when you refuse to be taught.Change doesn't come over night.Warning comes before destruction. To truly know God is to know him in the divine now


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