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"The Innovators of 'Message Music' , inspired by Earth-Wind & Fire, Steely Dan, Santana and Fred Hammond, Spirit 2 Spirit are an elite force in Message/Christian based music who works to be a voice for God not to be limited to any present musical genre."

Artist History and Bio:

Often dubbed “The Earth, Wind, & Fire of Gospel”, the driving force behind Spirit 2 Spirit is two brothers, Michael and Denny Jenkins. Together the two have over 50 years of musical experience. Michael plays bass, keyboards, and percussion. He has done lead and background vocals. He is a truly blessed lyrical writer, arranger personified, and a technical engineer, whose creativity in digital recording, editing, and mastering is unequaled. His ability to get the best out of an individual (not limited to musical or vocal artists) permits him to meet the challenge all producers and writers face in creating a viable product to be loved and cherished by the general public, as well as revered and respected by those in the industry. Denny, by design, is a percussionist who uses the keyboards to enhance his song writing ability. His strength lies in his lyric writing, and arrangements, and he sings lead and background vocals. He is a published poet who whishes to perform, and produce and remain humble and modest in spite of the hype often associated with success in the musical industry. He wants most of all to make a contribution to God’s creation that in some way helps in the healing process, and share with anyone willing to listen. The brothers have a musical background wherein their father, the late Thomas Jenkins helped form, manage, and sing for the Gospel Quartet "THE MIGHTY SOUTHERN ECHOES” of Washington D.C. The group’s name was retired in 1999 by Mr. Thomas Jenkins, Co-Founder, after 48 years of praising our Lord God in music and in faith. Michael and Denny were also blessed with the opportunity to play with their father‘s group a couple of years before it’s retirement, and decided to continue their father’s legacy through the group “SPIRIT 2 SPIRIT”.

Spirit 2 Spirit Is: Michael Jenkins: Bass Guitar, Keyboard Programming and Background Vocals. Denny Jenkins: Percussion, Keyboard Programming, Lead and Background Vocals.

Group Associates:

Curtis Day: Guitar, Keyboards, Lead and Background Vocals. Tony Carr: Guitar. Michael Simon: Drums, Percussion, Lead and Background Vocals, Anthony “Muke” Thompson: keyboards and flute.

Primary Contact

Jacob Chambliss, CEO/Shekinah Records LLC.

3725 Cedar Drive

Baltimore, MD. 21207

(443) 478-7262

e-mail: music@shekinahrecords.com


Websites: www.spirit2spiritmessagemusic.com   




Earth Wind & Fire, Steely Dan, The Commission, Fred Hammond, Kiek Franklin


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