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Hey folks, I go by the name Man@Arms, yeah from the He-Man cartoon; I had been in music in the secular world for a while but stepped away from it when my life got crazy. Upon redidicating my life to Christ back in 2001, I decided venture back into doing music again. At The time, I had never considered doing production for Christian artist, not to mention Christian Hip Hop artist, simply because I didn't know that they existed. Upon hearing artist such as Flame, Da Truth & ThisL, I then began to realize that if I could do music in the secular world, then surely I could do it Christ and His Kingdom. So, around May of 2006, I decided to get myself together and try my best at using whatever ability I had and talents that I had and glorify God and build his kingdom with it. So Here I am! If you like or dislike my stuff, cool just leave me a messege and let me know what you think.

I am looking to work with up & coming Christian Hiphop artist as well as other Christian artist for collaboration. I am looking really to get my name out there as a producer by doing whatever it takes (within reason!) to make it happen.


Pete Rock, DJ Priemer, Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Just Blaze and a few other producers.



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Christian Hiphop\ podcast/radio staton

user image 2007-07-23
By: ManAtArms
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Hey, whats going on ya'll?

This is my first post here so let me introduce myself. My name is Benny but I go by the name of Man@Arms , you the charcter in the 80's cartoon, HeMan ( ) and was given this name by some buddies of mine whom I used to do tracks for back in the days because I was well, kind of the voice of reason to them, jack of all trades and when things needed to be handled, I handled them.  I am christian hiphop music producer out of St. Louis, MO who wants to use what ever talent and/or ability that I have to uplift the kingdom. Anyway, I am in the process of starting a christian hiphop/ contemporary gospel podcast-radio station and in need of artist that can provide some free demos or full tracks that can be played during the show. We are looking for christian dj's that can send in premixed shows for kind of drive time non-stop mix show, we are looking for people (artist, groups, djs) for artist showcase where we showcase several of the artist songs and do an interview with them. So, if you belive you can help us, please do so because we are planning on starting this Friday, July 27rh. We are basically doing this to help not only get the word out about christian hiphop but also, give people an alternative that decided to put away the old man (that in Old secular hiphop) and pick up a replacement for the new man. There are a lot of people out there that still don't know much about Christian Hiphop or even know that it exist for that matter and hopefully we can help make this a nuclear bomb in the fight with the devil! God Bless!




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07/23/07 05:11:57PM @doc-disciples-of-christ:
I would be happy to send you our demo. It is not mixed by a DJ as "non stop but maybe you could use it. We have had airplay here in Kansas City on our local christian stations. If you would like a copy of our demo or we can mp3 you the songs...please email me at You can check out our music on here or go to or Thanks and God Bless Brian D.O.C
07/23/07 11:03:14PM @manarms:
thanks I'll be hitting you up today.
Bro Remixx
07/25/07 04:01:44AM @bro-remixx:
I'm with it...just let me know how to give you what you need... God bless
08/15/07 07:43:10PM @j-dubb:
I just sent ya two tracks to your man@arms email, let me know if you can use them God Bless J DUBB