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You have been blessed to listen to the wonderful voice Kandice Mathews. Kandice has been singing since the tender age of 5, while at Church in Newnan Ga. where she is from. She has the style of that of MaryMary among others. Her first love has and will always be Gospel, and even does some RnB to. She was featured on a Web base Internet Radio show three sundays ago. My name is Tk Benson, and I am in charge of all of her music profiles as well as bookings. You can email me at either: unconditional1931@yahoo.com or producer2011@fullsail.edu

After taking some time off, Kandice is back, now known as(Kandi_Monet) she has graduated from college, is now Married to long time boyfriend: Dee Bell. 
She is back recording, and has a web base talk show which airs every wednesday.....
Kandice(Kandi) got back with her friend, and producer Tk Benson to do a song he produced called: Anti_Bullying_Anthem
It is a tribute to those who have lost a love one due to being bullied. Thank you for all the suport. Remember her voice and music is on online radio, as well as other web sites, including facebook.
Kandi Monet is her facebook fan page.  drop by, tell her Tk sent you.
the time for the show is eastern time. 
Hey, people! Please tune into love 860 AM or go to  www.love860am.com from 4-4:30 to tune in to the show Real Talk with Kandi Monet'!!


First and Foremost, my Lord and Savor, Jesus Christ. My beautiful Mother. Lavart and New_Musiz_Inc, and my friend Tk who is doing all my fanclub bookings, and music profiles.


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Thanks for all the Love and Suport.

user image 2008-09-10
By: New_Musiz_Inc
Posted in: Special Event
Thanks for all the Love and Suport.

This is Tk, I am the one behind the profiles for Kandice, while she is in School. I'd like to give a special thanks out to everyone who has either downloaded some of her music, left comments, or just wanted to come by and listen to a gifted, very talented young lady, as she helps spread the word of God through music. I have known Kandice ever since she was 15 turning 16, and from day one, I knew with the right people, she was going to make it. She is still singing, and I will be tryin to add more of her music to the sites as well. School has started back, so she is back to studying and all. I am also still trying to book shows for her at local Atlanta Churches, so if any one is from Atlanta, who knows of a Church where I can fit her in for a performance, please email me at: unconditional1931@yahoo.com


Thanks again, and please keep suporting her.




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