Born in the south and raised by a strong christian family Mr. Bester was on his way to be a role model to everyone. He performed in the church choir where he and others often knew that was just the start. His talents stood out and he eventually set out to try to advance his dream in music. After one set back after another he never gave up, he put his faith in God and continued to stay focused. With the support of his family he worked everyday and perfected his craft singing here and there and still serving the lord in his church and choir. He connected up with Eric Jordan and the rest is history now he is recording and living his dream to perform and spread Gods message and use the gift that God gave him. His voice is soulful and smooth and is guaranteed to capture everyones attention. He writes all of his songs and has hundreds that has not yet been recorded but is on the way. His style is real and his message is real and could be felt by many, it's about everyday life and what we all go through.


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