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Psalm 96.1

Born in the south Florida and grew up listening to all kinds of music and was hooked on the music sounds of rock and roll and wanted to become a singer.  Started young as a member of a youth group  in Miami.  They would go to talent shows and compete but be allowed to see big name artist perform before leaving for the night, being chaperoned by adults.  It only fueled his fire and from there he became a nightclub performer/recording artist, in various cities and clubs, until he changed his life and lifestyle, and started serving the Yahshua.  He’s been writing and singing gospel since 1996 and is still cranking them out for the joy it brings him to spread Yahweh's message of love and forgiveness 

2010 Solo Indie Gospel Artist Nominee

2011 Solo Indie Gospel Artist Nominee

2016 Solo Indie Traditional Artist Nominee                                                    


                                                    “Joe Russell”


The Winans, James Cleveland, Lou rawls


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Joe Russell Gospel Blog

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Joe Russell Gospel Blog

Let' s talk about the things that' s going on in the Indie gospel music biz, seems we' re having conventions all over the country right now. S F G M A is gearing up in November, and I' ll be there as a traditional 2016 album nominee so vote for me and support your local artist all over the country. Be blessed through Yahweh.


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