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About Hostyle Gospel

 At the intersection of street beats and solid scripture lies Hostyle Gospel: a dynamic Christian hip-hop group
merging musical talent with the Word of God to point souls to Christ. With pulse pounding rhythms and raw lyrics,
Hostyle Gospel is igniting a fire of passion for the Lord across America.

Though they reference the Gospel as hostile, hostility is merely the method of delivery. Terse messages merge with edgy compilations to lend a sense of urgency to a searching generation. Countering a culture full of distraction and temptation, Hostyle Gospel is wielding the sword of the spirit, opposing Satans advances and winning souls for Christ. Armed with the raw energy of their performances and the ammunition of their Faith, Hostyle Gospel is appealing to youth and adults alike.

Hostyle Gospel ministers to todays generation in a way that is both relevant and entertaining. The live shows include
a mix of original songs and lyrical re-mixes of Top 20 hits from Usher, Fifty Cent, and other major artists.
Hostyle Gospel is accompanied by a break dancer to create an unparalleled energy that pumps every audience with excitement.

Hostyle Gospel Ministries originated in 2003 from a central Illinois group called The Elite M.O.C. (Men of Christ).
After the other founders were called to individual ministries, two members, Proverb (Raynard Glass) and
King Soloman (Demetrius Morton), began to refine their vision for the group. Big Job (Fontaine Pizza) was
added in 2005 as a front-line member, joining them in performances and on recordings.

The ministry of Hostyle Gospel is rapidly growing. In the spring of 2009 the group is holding their first youth
conference, at which they will minister through scripture as well as music. The Hostyle Gospel clothing line is in the early stages of production, slated for release in 2009.

Currently Hostyle Gospel has completed one album and three mixed tapes of Christian re-mixes of popular mainstream songs. A second album is in the early stages of production. The ministry continues to grow along with the number of people who have found Christ through the music of Hostyle Gospel.

Hostyle Gospel is ready for expansion. Eventually the group wants to hold youth conferences in which they
would teach as well as minister through music, start a clothing line, publish books, and continue to minister
the Gospel of Christ in every way possible.




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