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My name is Samuel Glass, my roots are in Shreveport, Louisiana but I was born in Montgomery, Alabama. I attend CFA (Christian Fellowship Academy) in Warner Robins GA pursuing my Christian education. My dad is in the military so I have moved from place to place and I am a very rounded person. I am a very down to earth type of guy who loves all God’s children. I was inspired and basically led by God to become a Christian rapper because I was getting into a lot of small trouble in school at Huntington Middle School and they wanted to send me to an alternative school. By the grace of God my parents insisted that I didn’t go to an alternative school and that I would either have to go to a private school here in Georgia or move to Louisiana. Moving to Louisiana was not the best thing for me in God’s eyes, my parents looked all over and finally found the best private school on this side of heaven, Christian Fellowship Academy. When I first started there I still had that ”Man I’m too good for this” what did I do to have to go here, why am I here. Mentality and spiritually not knowing that this was right all along. There was this group named M.O.T (Movement of Truth) that had been doing good and seemed to be doing well in this environment. A friend and I began to notice these guys and were curious as to why everything was going so good for them. So we decided to ask could we join them. They told us it wouldn’t be right because it was too much of an age difference so we began a joke group called the "Midgets Of Faith". We began singing a song called the Midgets of Faith but our other friend wasn’t all that short and he wanted to join so we came up with the name Soldiers of Christ and we started rapping. Then over the summer we all started to slack off and I was really deeply feeling the Christian way of life and my dad had an old friend (A-Stot) from Louisiana and he made some of the craziest beats ever, so we got with him and by the will of God I am where I am now. I figured out that it’s not all about being gangster, being cool because my so called “Friends” they aren’t my Judge, God is my only judge and that’s who I wanted to focus on. I did not want just me to know but the world to know that others won’t take the blame with you when God judges us at Judgment Day. Therefore why let them influence me to do what I know God doesn’t want me to do. Well I hope that this has inspired at least one person to want to turn to Christ and do the right thing. God can and will change your life, if you only accept and BELIEVE!!! May God continue to Bless us ALL!!!

-Gods Prodigy

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