E_CLASS was "Born to RAP" He was born and raised in Mannheim, Germany.

He started Rapping when His brother handed Him 'FAT BOYS Lp and The Rap song "Survivor...Only The Strong Can Survive" E_CLASS bought flipped out and GOD imparted E_CLASS with A fast flow and unique style..combing His accent with His gifted dialects and multi-languages. This "Triple + Threat" Spellbounds all listeners...wanting more!!

E_CLASS was introduced to His Beautiful Wife/Manager by GOD Himself!

GOD called E_CLASS Out Publicly before The Congergation Crowd at a Prophetic Meeting and Said E_CLASS was Born To RAP.

"E_CLASS been Rapping since a Teen in stations...internationally and nationally....He is always on His Grind trying to take care of His Blessed Large Family whom He Loves.

E_CLASS is 'driven' by The Word of GOD HIMSELF Promising E_CLASS Success to do it for GOD "all the way" That's "E's" Passion behind "Urban Millionaire" Success GODs Way for such a time as this. "Hope in the Hood" "Rise above Poverty People! E_CLA SS and Family been there and is still there waiting for GOD to lift Them Up...just like The JEWS Coming out of Bondage...Its Time We all Come Out With JESUS Our Guide..."FREE AT LAST...FREE AT LAST! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY..."WEs FREE AT LAST!" satan and his workers have been warned! "LET MY PEOPLE GO...LET MY PEOPLE GROW" CHECK IT OUT! "URBAN MILLIONAIRE" DOWNLOAD IT NOW...SUPPORT GODs WORK !




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