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Biography Mervin Budram Jr (Da Pro-Claimer) is a 23 year old song writer, & Producer stepping forward to declare God's truth in Belize and throughout the nations of the earth. Mervin Budram Jr was born on March 16th, 1983 to Mervin & Juanita Budram in the City of Belmopan. When Mervin was born, the doctor told his mom (not a Christian at that time) that Mervin had three (3) hours to live because his heart, lungs & liver was not working. His mom having knowledge of God told the doctor "You aren't God" and with that statement, took Mervin to Pastor Michael Evans Sr who prayed for him. The doctor was amazed when Mervin mom returned back with a healthy baby in her hands... upon doing a check up he said, "There’s a new heart, new lungs and new liver..." That was the first of many miracle Mervin experience throughout his lifetime. Mervin grew with a passion for worship and music. From an early age, he memorized all the worship song in the church and you could hear Mervin singing as he did any task before him. To this day, you could see him walking singing and playing his invisible keyboard - music that can only be heard in his head until he gets into the studio. His dad & mom introduce Mervin to God from an early age. The Budram's devotion time were the initial platform to worship and music for him; "Devotion times were a blast... We beat on the bath pan, got spoons and forks and knocked on anything we found" Mervin spent a large portion of his life in Dangriga Town. At age 9 he got involved with music & a love for worship grew when Michael Evans Jr introduce him to drums. He served as a musician on the Faith Assemble of God Church worship Team for several years. He also was apart of a Christian band for several years. By age 13, Mervin was performing on stage as a keyboard player and backup vocalist around Belize. At age 19, He relocated to Belmopan City where He pursued a music career at Shamax Productions as a sound engineer. God had him doing that for 3 year after which he did DTS (Discipleship Training School) with YWAM Belize (www.ywambelize.com). After DTS God led Mervin to serve as a full time staff with Jubilee Ministries, his local Church where he's serving in worship leading & Youth development with Momentum Youth group. Mervin Still occasionally hit the stage with his friend and partner Omar Petillo (Da MessNjah) as they Proclaim God's truth in music and challenge this generation to live holy before God.


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It Boils Down to LOVE

By mbudram, 2006-08-31

It Boils Down to Love

By: Mervin Budram Jr.

I saw it clearly. Jesus was hanging on the cross with all the sins of mankind desperately clinging on to him. Each sin anxiously tried to secure a place on this man â whom at that point, single handedly created a magnetic field that had all the factors needed to host sins of every nature. - He was properly enclosed making it virtually difficult for me to get an accurate visual of his frame. There was so much sin that some decided to hang off others in the front. They dragged his body down adding more and more weight to his now exhausted muscles. But yet he persevered. He knew that this was a part of what he came to do; this was apart of the blue print God had originally shown him. Finally, after hours of enduring, the straw designed to break even a camelâs back, found its way to Jesus. The one person He had committed Himself to, the one person who had been by His side all his life could not longer look upon him because of the sins of Man. Even if the Father wanted to look on his son, he would not be able to see Him; the sin was too gruesome to gaze at. He was Holy and could not tolerate such impurity; not even from his own son. So he had to turn away. At that moment I could see the despair of Jesus as He realized, for the first time in His entire life, He was alone. I could only imagine what he was possibly thinking. âWhy have you forsaken me? What will I do now without your presence, without your direction? I need you to speak to me, tell me how to respond.â Then suddenly Jesusâ mind brought up data that was in his archived files. âMy God, I know why I am here. All this is apart of my purpose. All this is to show my children how to rightly deal with rejection; this is to link them back to you. Father I will not loose focus of your purpose and destiny for my life, even if I canât sense your presence. I will hold on to all the words you have told me in the past until the time comes again when we can talk. I will follow through on this section of the blue print you gave to me. And I will trust you to reveal the other pieces as I obey you. Lord I commit my spirit to you.â With that I saw him die.

As I pondered on what I saw, I wondered what would make a man endure such pain, abuse and the ultimate loneliness. What was motivating Him to go on even when the closest person to him could no longer support him? LOVE! Its got to be love. âGreater love has no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends.â Without love, we will crumble when the test of life come. Our love must be first directed to God and then to those God has placed us amongst. In John 15, Jesus speaks of remaining in His love. It is clear that the only way we can do that is to obey his commandments. From the beginning of time, God continually urge the children of Israel to be careful to do all that He commands. God is calling us to love through obedience. That is the only way we will be able to go on when all else fail. Our love for him should be our motivation to persevere. DO YOU REALLY LOVE HIM?

Think it's Frustration

By mbudram, 2006-08-31

Think its Frustration?

By: Mervin Budram Jr.

Frustrated, why you may ask
Well just look at the obvious facts
Inconsistency, negligence being dragged around by my pants
God, this is not what I view life to be, maybe I should face the facts

Iâll never move forward until I wake up
Get truth in and stop wearing make up
Stop dreaming and start being
All that Heâs called me to be and do
Get in order and move out of the zoo

Iâve always heard, âif your work hard you get it.â
But reality check, thatâs no good if itâs just say it
You have to really get up and do it
Yeah that means work, energy DOING SOMETHING
If this seems hard, then men! Youâre just too lazy.

Yeah maybe for a while there I sounded confused
Lost and or perhaps, needed the Good News
But guess what, everyoneâs got to blow some steam
And this is my way without getting mean
So to clear things up for you, hereâs the truthâ¦..

God is doing his work in me
Changing my gloom and giving me glee
Re-structuring my mind, updating my operating system
Overhauling my engine and changing my pistons
So the process seems long and hard
But itâs better than sitting around being a fraud
Ineffective and irrelevant to this new era
So if your wondering whatâs Up!!!!
Take a good long hard look true Jesusâ eyes.

I love you so Much

By mbudram, 2006-08-31


By: Mervin Budram Jr.

What havenât been declared?
What new but ardent word can I utter?
Up into the heavens proclaiming your splendour
Twirling around, flickering in your presence.
Bringing joy and delight as it bows in reverence.

Youâve been God to me
The father, teacher, saviour and friend
Holding me close to your heart again and again
Raising me into your image and likeness, setting me free
Charting my life; my destiny Iâll find in thee.

I want to thank you
But âthank youâsâ seems too over used
Shall I use grateful, obliged, appreciative or indebted?
Whatâs your preference?
What will touch into the centre of your most inner being?
Daddy teach me how to please you I love you so much.

What If

By mbudram, 2006-08-31

What if
By: Mervin Budram Jr.
I picked up an article sent to me by a dear friend. At first I didnât read the title of the article but my eyes glanced on the first paragraph. I was stricken to the heart as I meditated on the words that jumped out at me. The only thing that came to mind was, âwhat if?â Indeed, What if Mosesâ mother didnât hide her son, What if Jesusâ mother didnât agree to go through what could have been the most humiliating period of her life. These were points that jumped out at me as I read.
The following morning, the thought rushed right back with new meaning, with a stronger drive, deeper convictions. When I read the title of the article, I observed that the name, âWhat about Bible Smuggling?â had nothing to do with the thought pattern in my mind. Did I miss something? Was I on the wrong track? I was thinking of Hannah who through her travails, perseverance and seeking, brought forth Samuel. I was meditating upon David who walked in obedience to God. He continued enquiring of the lord and became a chaser of Godâs heart. Then there was Daniel, Joseph, and many other people of old, who were in situations where they had to make a stand for righteousness. And what if they didnât do the honorable thing?
It is so important for us to know what God is saying, but it is equally important to step out and do it His Way no matter what pressure is around. Future generations are waiting upon us to fulfill our purpose, they are depending on us to establish a firm peg so they can climb on. We donât want them to be wondering, âWhat if the generation before us did the right thing?â instead we long for them to say, âThanks to our fore-fathers, we have a strong heritage to launch off of.
In Times of old, Jacob refused to let go of God because - in my terms, - he knew he couldnât handle a break up. The separation would do far more damage than if he simple held on. Too often we quickly let go because the pressure intensify. To all those reading, I encourage you with this, holding on to God will prove more beneficial and rewarding in the longer run. Remember that God is God. That statement in itself says so much. And He will never allow anything to come our way if he knows we canât handle it. And moreover, he always has a way of escape. I strongly believe that the way of escape is not removing the problem but rather its maturity. He desires that we mature, learn to rise above the situation, and learn to make righteous destiny decision that will stop us from living a âWhat ifâ life.