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BOANEGES: The Sons of Thunder.  Men who were so on fire for Jesus not only were they called as disciples but called to Jesus’ inner circle.  Men who were such soldiers for the Kingdom of God they were willing to burn down the kingdoms of earth to defend it.  Men like these have been missing from our generation for years until NOW…

                Blue Chip (Gerard Hennig) and Specialist (Rudy Ramos) also known as the devastating duo BOANERGES, formed in the fall of 1999, and quickly got to work for the Kingdom.  They created a buzz in the city of Louisville, Kentucky until the public demanded an album.  In the middle of recording their first album God sent them to Indianapolis, Indiana for more than an opportunity to minister.  After leaving the stage high in the Spirit the owner of Tyscot Records had a contract waiting for them to sign.  Teamed up with the likes of Knowledge, L.O.G.I.C., and Fiti Futuristic, some of Indianapolis’ best Christian emcees, Righteous Riders was born.

                Blue Chip and Specialist ministered on tour with the Righteous Riders adding an element of the anointing of God not seen in Christian Hip-Hop.  With their primary focus on ministry God sent them on tour throughout the U.S. and overseas in Europe. They have shared the stage with Corey Red, Master P and Lil’ Romeo, Pettidee , Missy Elliot and Timberland, Trina, Detrick Haddon, Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz, Michelle of Destiny’s Child, Prime Minister, B.B. Jay, Lexi, Woody Rock of Drew Hill, Gospel Gangstaz, Trick Daddy, Dr. Bobby Jones, Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary as well as many others.  As you can see they are not afraid to take the Gospel to the streets.  They have had three music videos in heavy rotation on B.E.T., The Inspirational Network and The Word Network.  They have also frequently visited T.B.N. for guest appearances and ministry opportunities. Blue Chip and Specialist aka BOANERGES are seasoned veterans to the life of Christian Hip-Hop ministers.

                 With their radio hit “The Vibe” from the Righteous Riders album “The Awakening” and an outstanding presence on “Internal Affairs”, Blue Chip and Specialist aka BOANERGES is back in the lab working on their first official album since 1999.  Specialist and Blue Chip are calling out the devil to battle on the new project: “GROUNDZero”.  With innovative production from fellow Righteous Rider L.O.G.I.C., and the most ferocious rhymes you’ve ever heard from Christian emcees; Blue Chip and Specialist has set the standard for Hip-Hop ministers worldwide.  With their cry loud and spare not attitude “GROUNDZero” is an album not to be taken lightly.



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