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This Detroit native, Bashiri Jones, started rapping at the age of twelve and started producing his own music by the age of fourteen. Bashiri became a member of gospel rap group, Agape Tribe, by the age of nineteen. He did ministry work with Agape Tribe across the country until he was twenty three years old.
At age 24 he became very discouraged due to church politics and walked away from ministry entering back into an ungodly lifestyle. Being reminded of this lifestyle, Bashiri became more passionate for his community, the church and all man kind.
Now spiritual, motivational and educational music is what he makes for all to relate too. He has a very strong passion to influence God’s people with the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven through his music. He fights to commit truthfully to a Godly lifestyle that represents God’s Kingdom with the principle of Love. Not only through music but also by empowering people in his community.
Bashiri is now five years happily married with three children, successful entrepreneur in the network marketing industry and is now CEO of PFP Music Group. He currently attends Christian Tabernacle where James L. Morman is pastor.
Bashiri has had success in music ministry working with other gospel promotional companies and churches such as: Urban Gospel Alliance, Motor City Gospel Connections, Christian Tabernacle, Soul Winners Network, Rosedale Park Baptist Church and many more.



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