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... A Waycross-Southeast-Ga. Pioneer, Called by God to Minister His Word to the Lost and to Help Build up the Saints. We as Christians need to take another Look at things, We will sit and Talk about another to each other using the Word of God. When God said that My "HIS" People Parish For The Lack Of Knowledge. I took a look at that like The Church should know God, The Church should know His Word, why not take what We know to the Lost. "From The Church To The Streets" In Stores & On Line Soon. A Major Move, Laid Back Gospel/TMG. I'm PROUD to ANNOUNCE that Minister Chatt has SIGNED A RECORD DEAL with TMG of Oklahoma. I need yor Prayers and Support!!! ...

Local Artist Signs Record ContractTate Music Group is proud to announce the newest addition to its artist line-up, (Minister Chatt). The music of (Minister Chatt) definitely stood out among the countless music submissions and we are honored that “Minister Chatt” has accepted our offer to be a part of Tate Music Group. Tate Music Group is committed to excellence in the music industry. Our staff of highly trained professionals, including music producers, graphic designers, and marketing personnel works together with our artists to produce the very finest music product available. Our partnership with (Minister Chatt) will definitely make an impact and we are excited to see what the future of this partnership produces.




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