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Nekia Parchell

Nekia Parchell is a contemporary gospel singer and songwriter whose unique style and voice allowed her to minister in music. Her sound is upbeat, bright, inspiring and reflective. From Israel to Memphis, Honolulu to Atlanta, Nekia Parchell has sung on stages and in pulpits. This Milwaukee native has sang with various ministries throughout the years and now makes her home in New York City. At the age of 16 she began professionally recording and performing and her first CD released in titled “Wilnekia” was released the following year. Nekia Parchell’s latest release titled “This Day” hopes to inspire and encourage. Titles include “Right where you are”, a song written after witnessing the gospel to a co-worker, was featured on Playlist Productions 2007 compilation CD. Nekia Parchell was a finalist in the Gospel Music Association Academy’s Artist of 2007 competition hosted by Kirk Franklin. “This Day” is only the beginning for this dedicated artist who is committed to continue to writing, performing and sharing God’s given music talent with the world.
What others are saying about Nekia Parchell:
“A sweet diamond voice” –DJ TWIX, St. Etienne, France
“Uplifting “Happy” CD, it is encouraging” -Jennifer McMurray, Music Ministry Director, New Testament Church, Milwaukee, WI
“Nekia Parchell is an inspirational artist, this CD is calming and mellow” – DJ Mr. Martin
“A mix of fun and upbeat music that’s moving”-Pastor Mark Nicholson, London, England
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