Lydia Thornton

About Lydia Thornton

I am an independent artist, singer, song writer, of ccm.
My Daughter Kiya is the the composer of all the Thornton music, we have our own studio, together we are a team. Producing christian music and vidieos, we are also in the process of writing our frist christian book called ( Revival the True Faiy Tale) We have a hard time singing in any church or organizations in our home town it is very hard no one will welcome us to do anything, Black churches or white the struggle has been very hard. when you are totaly rejected by all Christian in your home town, this is where you are supposed to grow, we were not able. it has been very hard, I have been tring now for over a decade. we as Christians should help and support each other more. and being that I have been so rejected I like to help and listen to other struggling artist.


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