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Born January 3, 1987.
solidity of living as a believer is not caused by ignorance of the immediate or an undertermined outlook, is not from having victory or being an overcomer, and cannot be seen by works alone, but through faith, charity, love and prayer (listen and obey). Jesus became my Lord and my Saviour at the age of 4 or so, and I was baptized when I was a young teen. precieved life did not feel gracious towards young people, that leaders weren't chosen from such a category. i backslid from grade nine until like my 3rd year of grade 12. i no longer have addictions or needs to fight, hide, take spotlight, uff, cuss, lust, rush, fuss or bust out of the Spirit of the Lord. i know i am forgiven. i was baptized 3 years ago, when i was 18. have recently begun to create art again. have began writing and studying and preparing for either both bible college and or art college, as well as holding on to a career in the trades. free things in this life is cool, u kno, taming your tongue takes wisdom, free will takes an insert of positivity, rigid and osessed living a gift. 'Sanctified, I have been set free, Grace devine has swept me off my feet'~Mercy Me


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