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Eager magazine is a artist/reader-driven publication featuring an entertaining and highly substantive mix of artist-driven features and multiple entry points for Christian artists as well as anybody who makes, plays or produce any format of Gospel music. For musicians everywhere, this announcement is the equivalent of manna from heaven: building the success of the magazine on a strategy of passion: serving markets where there is a thirst for expert knowledge and advice. This publication is a consumer-interest magazine.

We are thrilled to bring people who enjoy Gospel music a new way to enjoy the best in contemporary and Christian rap music. We are combining the best of Gospel music from Major and independent artists. The magazine has an incredible line-up of features that will explore the world of Gospel music with interviews, advice, music industry topics, legal issues, and new perspectives.

Eager Magazine is accepting music and press kits from Christian artists for review. Unsigned artists can submit music for the indie corner section of the magazine at the following email address: eagermagazine@yahoo.com


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