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DJ Intangibles Top 20 Holy Hip Hop for May, 2019

user image 2019-04-30
By: DJ Intangibles
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DJ Intangibles Top 20 Holy Hip Hop for May, 2019

DJ Intangibles Top 20 Holy Hip Hop
By DJ Intangibles, 2019-05
Atlanta/Orlando - April 9, 2019 - DJ Intangibles, the Official DJ for 105.5 FM/AM 1430 The King (Metro ATL), releases his Top 20 Holy Hip Hop Trax for the Month of May 2019, as follows:
1. Slingshot, Gawvi
2. Drippin, DJ Intangibles, feat. Brotha Dre
3. Lit Lit, Bizzle
4. Grind and Pray, 2Shay
5. Own Lane, Calvin Cofield
6. Petco, 1K Phew
7. Can't Tell Me Nothing, Adrion Butler
8. Lion or Lamb, 2.0
9. Lil Holy, WHATUPRG
10. Broken Crown, Unkle G-Moe, feat. B-Ryan & Brotha Dre
11. Watch, Steven Malcolm
12. Rose Gold, WHATUPRG
13. Chosen, Brotha Dre
14. 100 M's, Chris Elijah
15. Whippin, Brotha Dre
16. Monday, Tues, Wedn.., DJ KE (Kideasy) feat. DreBeez
17. Serve HIM, DJ Kideasy feat. DreBeez
18. YP City, Yung Praise
19. Grateful, Lord Badu
20. Get It In, Brvndon P


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